1. Where are you located?
We come directly to your home or a planned location near you.

2. What is needed at the location or home?
You will need a clean area (big) enough for a portable bed, foldable table, and chair.

3. Can I smoke or walk around during my tattoo session?
During the tattoo sessions there will be no walking permitted. Quick second breathers will be allowed but the client will remain in the position necessary for their tattoo service. No smoking or consumption of alcohol/illegal substances are permitted during the tattoo process.

4. How far do you travel?
we travel to all the cities and counties that is listed on the website www.mobileinktattoostudio.com

5. How are tattoos priced?
Tattoos are $100 per hour or through direct pricing. DIRECT PRICING means once the artwork is selected an estimate or quote will be given of the price for the specific artwork sent. If you cannot pay the full amount requested, you can pay for the number of hours of service at $100 per hour. For example, if a tattoo is quoted at $400 but you have $300 or less, you can pay for 1, 2, or 3 hours of work. Please note if the tattoo is unfinished at the end of the session you will need to pay for the additional session(s) needed to complete the tattoo.

6. How much are additional sessions?
$100 per hour.

7. How can I submit artwork?
You can send photos with a detailed description of your potential booking to the following:
IG: @mobileinktattoos_
Email: mobileinktatooos@gmail.com
Phone: (919)280-5495

8. How do i request a certain time for my booking?
We have a number of open slots for each day. Once the day is booked, the tattoo artist will contact you through the number LOCATED ABOVE IN QUESTION 7. Times can be discussed and confirmed with the artist booked for your appointment.

9. What if I can’t get a tattoo where I stay?
If you are unable to host your own tattoo session, a location nearby can be reserved by the tattoo artist. Please note this will be an additional cost due at the time of reservation of the location.

10. How do tap out sessions work?
First, you will click on the appointment and pay for the tap out session. Choose your preferred date, time, and place where you would like to set up your tattoo session, then you will select book. Once you book we will contact you to confirm the appointment. (Please note: There will be no Anesthetic Numbing Cream for Pain Relief used. You will need to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated prior to your session. During the process of tattooing, there will be NO BREAKS. All tap sessions require continuously tattooing until you or your body can not handle the pain. Once you request to stop or your body refuses to accept ink, that will be the end of the session.

11. What if I tap out early or would like to change the artwork?
There are no refunds. If the client is unable to finish the session for any reason, they will need to pay for additional session(s) for completion. All artwork can be edited up until the CREATION OF THE TATTOO STENCIL. The artist will also confirm at the visit that the artwork IS ACCURATE AND no changes ARE NEEDED prior to printing and drawing the stencil to avoid this issue.

12. Is this sanitary?
All tattoo machinery and equipment are sanitized regularly in an auto enclave. Needles are all disposable and for one session only. Medicine grade sanitization spray and soaps are also used when cleaning equipment. All machine chords are also bag wrapped to avoid cross-contamination.

13. What cities/counties do we service?
We provide service in every city and county that’s listed on the Our locations tab Website.

114. Do you have any specials?
Group rates: 2 to 6 individuals. The person who books the tattoo will RECEIVE $50 OFF the amount of their tattoo. All other persons will need to pay individually for their tattoos.

Tattoo parties: more than 6 individuals. This is an all-day tattoo session. Each person will pay for their tattoos separately. The person who books the tattoo will receive $100 off their tattoo.

Tap out sessions: $800 PER PERSON.

15. Why do I have to pay a deposit?
A deposit is required to withhold a time slot for our services (this means we are blocking off a time slot specifically for your session and will remove it from the site so no one else can book at the same time). If there is only one person getting a tattoo, the deposit required will be $50. For group sessions the deposit is $100 and a longer time slot will be withheld depending on the estimated number of people receiving tattoos. For all day sessions such as tapout sessions and tattoo parties the deposit is $200 and a whole day (12+ hours) will be withheld.

16. Does the deposit go towards the price of the tattoo?
No. All deposits are specifically to withhold a time slot. Once a slot is withheld and removed from the booking page, there will be no refunds as our time is very valuable. The price of the tattoo, whether booked by the hour or by quote, is paid to the artist at the time of arrival and is not in any way connected to the deposit for a time slot.

17.What if I cancel my tattoo appointment?
Although we do not encourage cancellations, we understand circumstances may arise where a client or the artist cannot make the original appointment. When this happens, we will contact you to reschedule at a later date that works best for you and will hold the quoted price or time slot for 30 days. However, if you choose to give up your time slot, the deposit will not be refunded. This is because a time slot has already been withheld or blocked off from booking and other clients who may have been able to book during your time slot have been moved or turned down. Our time is very valuable.

18. I am under 18. Can I still get a tattoo?
All states have different restrictions for tattooing minors. Services for minors are offered based on the restrictions of the state you reside in. Please see the Tattoos for Minors chart located on the home page of our website.